African Adventure: Lasting Impact

by Steve Brooks, P.E.

After a very productive and busy week of long days within the walls of the job site (12 foot walls at that), it was great to look back at all we accomplished:  Trade coordination progressed well, the team has a clearer picture of the goals and vision of the project, and I learned quite a […]

African Adventure

by Steve Brooks, P.E.

2/23/14:  The adventure has begun.  After many weeks of preparation on current construction challenges and the goals of our visit, we have taken flight to visit the Uganda Cancer Institute build-out site now under construction in Kampala – a partnership between Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the people of Uganda.  There are many documents […]

Investing in Our Future

by Gail Kinner

James “Scotty” Frost, UMC Fab Shop Pipe Fitter, had a opportunity to be a mentor last year to a local high school student.  The student, Andrew, participated in a program called Culminating Challenge Project (CCP) and earned credits required for graduation.  Andrew was able to “shadow” Scotty in the UMC Fab Shop for several months, […]

Lead-Free Impact on Estimating & VCS

by Curtis Watson

The Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA) goes into effect January 4th, 2014 and it’s fast approaching.  The obvious impact of the new law is making sure that we have lead-free valves, fittings, and appurtenances being installed on all potable water systems from that date going forward.  The less obvious impact is the research, testing and thought […]

Shared Culture of Breakthroughs

by Gail Kinner

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle has been at the forefront of disease research since its doors opened in the 1970s.  The first successful bone marrow transplant was conducted at the Hutch in 1980, and the procedure has since gone on to save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.  Today, Fred Hutch continues exploring new […]

Building a Better Warehouse

by Tom Donaldson

From there, the adventure begins! Last summer, the UMC warehouse needed to relocate as our lease was expiring and the landlord needed the space. The challenge was to locate a space close to our existing main office. Read more about how we faced this challenge.

If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

by Steve Brooks, P.E.

In business, there’s an oft-repeated statement: “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” There have been many sales and business metrics created to both manage and measure, but in the built environment, it’s a bit more complicated. Read on for more information on management metrics.

UMC Safety Best Practice Program

by Kirk Baisch

At UMC, one of our best practices is our Best Practice program! We are constantly in the process of developing, testing, finalizing and disseminating a set of Best Practices. We have a collection of relevant knowledge, gained from experience, and directly applicable to the specific work task.