CORETECH to make a splash at NEBC Stormwater Management Tradeshow

by Gail Kinner

Stormwater Treatment

A Business Perspective on Stormwater Management

March 9, 20016 marks the 9th year of the NEBC’s  Managing Stormwater in Washington trade show.  This year’s focus is the business perspective on storm water management.  Regulations have tightened, third party lawsuits continue to be an enforcement threat, and the economics of compliance matter more than ever for property owners and managers. The conference will address these challenges and present practical answers for Washington companies, municipalities, and service providers.

As a Premiere Sponsor, UMC’s CORETECH team will be in front of existing and potential clients to showcase a new product that is less expensive and scalable as compared to the original CORETECH stormwater treatment solution.  The new product uses a proprietary enhanced mixed media, also known as biochar, to filter out pollutants in storm water runoff.  The mixed media system is small enough to be installed on a roof to treat rainwater, and it is scalable so by adding additional components you can treat larger areas.  The upfront costs and the maintenance requirements of CORETECH’s new product are much more manageable for businesses with a smaller footprint, but can grow with them over time.

If you have clients who are required – or simply driven by a sustainable business culture – to manage the chemical pollutants in their stormwater runoff, please be sure to tell them about the Managing Stormwater tradeshow and have them stop by to see Jakob Sjoberg or John MacPherson.