CORETECH visits Oregon

by Gail Kinner

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s has implemented new benchmarks for significantly lower amounts of dissolved metals and other pollutants allowed to enter local waterways.  The conference, presented by NEBC, is regarded as a great tool to “help business comply with the tougher new stormwater regulations.”  Read the entire article here.

The benchmarks are part of an agreement with the Northwest Environmental Defense Center and Columbia Riverkeeper, which challenged the existing system saying it fell short of federal Clean Water Act standards.

University Mechanical Contractors’ team of engineers, builders, and water treatment specialists has collaborated to develop CORETECH, the next generation of stormwater treatment systems.  CORETECH™ is designed to meet stringent permit benchmarks and is safe for the environment.

UMC’s stormwater team has been hard at work spreading the word that CORETECH’s cost-effective technology that will completely redefine how to treat stormwater.   To learn more, visit