UMC Announces Employee Growth Opportunity

by Gail Kinner

Recognizing the need to provide career stepping stones to potential future shareholders, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (UMC) announced the creation of a new Associate Program. The program gives team members with a track record of exceptional service an opportunity to increase their leadership responsibilities in preparation for the possibility of becoming shareholders.

Team members selected to become Associates are expected to continue to perform at a high level. In addition, they will assume added leadership roles as a thought leader within the organization. They will also be asked to increase their visibility internally and externally, promoting organization health within UMC and representing the company at a high level externally with clients, industry groups, and subcontractors. Solid performing, team players that have exhibited loyalty to the company and strong leadership skills are considered for the program.

“Our team is our most valuable asset.  The new Associate program is one of many ways we recognize key performers at UMC,” says Jerry Bush, UMC President & CEO.  “The program acknowledges the efforts, commitment, leadership and results of UMC employees, while providing employees another level of recognition and reward.”

The Associate program also provides owners who are beginning a transition to retirement an opportunity to step back from the more rigorous leadership requirements of ownership. By transitioning to an Associate role, employees who were previously owners can continue to serve as enthusiastic company representatives while coaching other Associates and potential future Associates in business development and other critical leadership skills.

After careful consideration, five UMC employees will be the first group of Associates in UMC’s 93 year history.

Introducing UMC’s New Associates

Matt Mifflin has been with UMC for 20 years.  His family connection to the company runs deep with his great grandfather who founded UMC in 1920.  Matt is a licensed plumber and active member of Local 32.

Peter Boileau has over 30 years of industry experience and is a graduate of Washington State University.  He has extensive knowledge in the manufacturing sector, and leads UMC’s estimating team.

Rich Happel has been with UMC for 11 years, and has spent his entire professional career in the mechanical services industry.  He learned refrigeration/HVAC in the U.S. Navy as a Machinist’s Mate, and is well-versed in developing custom energy efficient retrofit solutions for clients.

Steve Russo, P.E. is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and has been with UMC for 13 years.  His attention to detail and exceptional project management skills assist him on many challenging industrial projects.

Ted Granston has been with UMC for 23 years.  Ted is the first former owner to use the Associate position as a transition vehicle. Ted continues to play a critical role in UMC’s business development efforts, and as an Associate he will continue to coach team members to reach their potential within the company. Ted received a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Washington, and is active in supporting the community.