UMC Announces New Building Automation and Controls Leadership

by Sandy Chapin

UMC announces new leadership in the Building Automation & Controls division—Dale Stone has been promoted to Director of the Building Automation Division. With over 35 years in the industry, Stone will lead this team and build on UMC’s nearly one-hundred-year history of success.

“Our customers have come to rely on UMC to deliver high performance buildings better than any mechanical contractor in this market,” said Stone. “The best way for UMC to continue that is by taking responsibility for not only mechanical systems, but also the technology that helps them operate as efficiently as possible.”

Positive Customer Impact

Many of UMC’s customers have benefited from leading edge controls installations and building optimization utilizing the Tridium® Niagara Framework®-based controls and the appropriate analytics fault detection and diagnostics solutions. Clients have seen dramatic savings in energy consumption as well as labor savings from their unique, integrated approach which uses analytics to identify both energy conservation measures and labor conservation measures which can save 10-30% in building operations costs.

UMC’s Increased Commitment Driven by Recent Success

UMC continues to adopt pioneering technology to power high performance buildings. It was a natural evolution to incorporate Tridium® and key analytics platforms to create some of the best performing buildings in the Seattle market. Last year, the Building Automation & Controls Division successfully launched the Building Performance Team to help clients meet the new City of Seattle Building Tune-up program requirements and have already performed nearly 50 tune-ups for Seattle clients.