UMC wins AGC Safety Excellence Award

by Gail Kinner

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) of Washington recently announced the Safety Excellence award winners, and UMC is the first place winner in the Specialty Division: 500K – 1M Work Hours category. All award-winners will be honored at an award ceremony later this month.

UMC is an industry leader in safety, and employees are the core of our award-winning safety program. UMC has a pride-based safety culture that involves several unique elements. Everyone is encouraged to share innovative ideas that emphasize safety, and this empowerment is evident throughout the organization. At UMC, safety is not about issuing infractions, but about being a positive, collaborative resource. The reward of these efforts is two-fold; we attain productivity and profitability through safe and well-planned projects, and we return home to our families each and every night.

The AGC Build Washington Award Ceremony will be held May 25th at the Museum of Flight.