UMC Wins National Safety Award

by Gail Kinner

UMC was awarded a first place national award for safety excellence by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).

Announced at the Willis Safety Awards Breakfast during the AGC Annual Convention in Las Vegas on March 5, the Construction Safety Excellence Award recognized UMC as the first place winner in the Specialty Division: 300,001-500,000 Work Hours category.

Some of the safety highlights the judges found particularly award-worthy include:

  • UMC’s utilization of innovation to develop safety solutions.
  • UMC’s empowerment of frontline workers to drive safety on the jobsites.
  • UMC’s leadership in regional organizations (AGCWW, MCAWW, SMACNA, CAC) to promote the safety of all workers in the construction industry.
  • UMC’s company-wide safety program, from the commitment and participation of top managers who expect and require safe work to frontline workers who diagnose problems and formulate solutions.

“The safety team is an inclusive concept that resonates at all levels of the UMC organization,” said Jerry Bush, President & CEO of UMC.  “Each employee is respected and recognized for their crucial role on the team.  They know they are fully supported whenever they need to make safety-related decisions.  We develop and empower our people to manage safety through innovation and teamwork.”

The AGC’s Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA) program recognizes construction companies who excel at safety performance.  Contractors from all over the United States submit applications comprised of their safety records and descriptions of various elements of their safety programs.  Three finalists were chosen to give presentations at the AGC annual convention in early March.  A panel of judges then chose the winners in each category.  The CSEA program takes into account not only incident rates but also company management commitment, active employee participation, safety culture, work site hazard identification and control, and safety program innovation.  Click here for the complete list of Safety Excellence award winners.