A successful job site is a safe job site. A mindset of safety has been ingrained in the very fiber of the work we do.

Each member of our crew is trained to recognize unsafe work, and empowered to stop it. We aim for the highest level of compliance, preparation, and awareness. Furthermore, we operate as a team. Each person is responsible for the safety of every other person. We work carefully and deliberately, watch out for one another, and regularly take steps towards recognizing and correcting hazards.

Innovations in Safety
We would always rather be proactive than reactive. That’s why we step up to every challenge with careful planning and execution at every step of a project. Our frontline workers, foremen, and project managers watch for every possible opportunity for improvement, frequently arriving at outstanding innovations that have helped us become the most dynamic and advanced mechanical contractor in Washington.

Industry Leaders
Safety is the primary concern on every one of our job sites. We work alongside the general contractor to solve problems and determine how to best get the job done.

As a reflection of our commitment to safety, our Safety Director serves in key trade groups in the Seattle area:

  • CAC Chairman (DOSH Construction Advisory Committee)
  • AGC Safety Committee Co-Chair
  • MCAWW Safety Committee Chair
  • SMACNA Risk Management Committee member
  • Approach Management Committee member