Assess, Innovate, Improve, Measure

by Steve Brooks, P.E.

UMC is known for tackling tough projects and coming up with innovative ways to execute projects.  In 2013, we kicked off a significant internal program to formalize our approach to project challenges.  The UMC AIM (Assess, Innovate, Improve, Measure) program can apply to all activities, groups, and programs.

The AIM process is a program where a chosen Process Champion gathers information to determine what the current UMC procedure for a specific process, and then works with a team to determine what improvements and enhancements would provide better value to our client and the team (Assess).   Ideas are then gathered from the group, vetted, brainstormed and, once fully agreed, drafted a proposed improvement plan (Innovate/Improve).  After the process is monitored and measured, success or refinement comes out of the measured results (Measurement).   This process is highly interactive where the Process Champion owns and educates the entire company on the “UMC Way” and updates based on feedback on a regular basis.