We are proud to serve clients with complex manufacturing design and fabrication needs—clients like aerospace engineers, pharmaceutical companies, hardware technologists, and food processing companies.

In addition to shell construction, we also offer design and construction of mechanical support systems such as steam and high-purity water and gasses. Our highly trained mechanics and millwrights install all types of manufacturing equipment and conveying systems, and we also provide testing, start-up, and commissioning work for all of these services. In all of our manufacturing work, we guarantee that our clients’ manufacturing process meets 100% of operational requirements.

We also provide energy efficient upgrades for a variety of manufacturing needs, including plant assessments and surveys, research and development of “best value” upgrades, and implementation of those upgrades by our design and construction teams.

We are proud of our outstanding record of in-plant construction services. We fully understand the challenges associated with lost time, and perform all of our work while plants remain open, or in brief windows of downtime.