Building Automation and Control Systems have been revolutionized in the last decade, with one of the most significant advancements being the move toward open systems. Many major equipment manufacturers have embraced this trend and are providing open systems along with their proprietary ones.

As part of our commitment to innovation, our clients have turned to us for Building Automation and Control Systems. These modern systems have become more commoditized, enabling customers to select a contractor based on value, reliable service, and expertise. Clients are no longer locked into a lifelong relationship with a single provider.

Open Choices
We represent a particular open system manufacturer that provides inter-operability and interchangeability with access and communication for most proprietary control systems.

This allows for:

  • Multiple manufacturers (choices)
  • LonWorks compatibility
  • Access to proprietary control systems
  • “Best of Breed” systems and devices
  • BACnet compatibility
  • Control system “Future-Proofing”

Remote Monitoring
We use Niagara-based applications that provide an open, web-based security management solution for remote management and monitoring of your facility. Built on Tridium’s NiagaraAX® Framework, these applications integrate with any building automation system, enabling you to control lighting, HVAC equipment, manage energy and other building systems. We can remotely diagnose and in many cases implement corrective actions or assist staff in diagnosis and corrective actions.

Building System Integration
Buildings today are equipped with a diverse range of electronics to control various systems. Effective integration and inter-operability between these systems is essential in lowering costs, reducing emissions, and achieve full safety and comfort. We utilize the latest tools to create a streamlined, unified platform that can be easily managed in real-time using a standard web browser.