We have a history of fabrication projects and experience that put us at the forefront of the mechanical construction industry. In fact, we tend to stay so far ahead of the curve, we’re no longer surprised when our competitors emulate our fabrication work.

But we aren’t just interested in being first—we have a solid commitment to being the best. That’s why we remain steadfast in our dedication to quality fabrication and expert craftsmen.

Our shop fabricates piping from 2″ ID through 24″ OD, sometimes up to 48″ diameter, to rigid pressure-piping code or customers’ unique specifications.  We are a certified pressure piping provider, and we regularly enforce a quality control program in accordance with ASME codes for PP, R, and A stamps. All of our welding is performed by qualified welders using the latest equipment. Like everything we do at UMC, it conforms with stringent quality control requirements.

Examples of fabrication we typically deliver include:

  • Complete underground and in-wall piping with required waste, vent, and water lines
  • Restroom units with all associated carriers, piping and mounting hardware
  • Mechanical-Room-in-a-Box complete with pumps, water heaters, boilers, controls, ducting, wiring and insulation
  • Pre-piped walls for medical gases and equipment

Value of maximizing fabrication supports overall project team goals:

  • Cost effective construction
  • Reduced waste in materials and manpower
  • Maximizes controlled production, enhancing quality and safety
  • Timely delivery to job sites