MEP Coordination

We have a longstanding commitment to proactive planning and careful execution. This has helped position us as an industry leader in the field of MEP coordination. From the use of a light table through the use of superplots and beyond, UMC has always been on the cutting edge.

We offer all of the tools required to implement advanced MEP coordination across the entire project team and we ideally appreciate the opportunity to take this role.  We maintain a consistent process of coordination and clash elimination that other mechanical contractors simply cannot match.

Navisworks Clash Detective is utilized alongside a suite of internal proprietary systems for clash tracking, notifications, follow-up, resolution, and sign-off document management.  Our well-tested and proven system results in straightforward resolution and accountability.

Throughout the years, we’ve completed many complicated projects using full BIM 3D models, including higher education, wastewater, laboratory and healthcare sites.