Our team is goal oriented. That means we begin each project with a set of specific, achievable objectives. Then we begin focused work to ensure that these goals become a reality.

The UMC team of designers and builders has a hard-fought reputation as the best in the business. We offer the engineering and construction management depth to handle any size project, including scope development, engineering design, construction management, ongoing commissioning and performance assurance.

We rely upon a streamlined, integrated model that combines design and construction responsibilities as well as operations and maintenance. This DBOM model (design, build, operate, maintain) results in a smooth execution of a combined contract. This approach is also known by a number of different names, including turnkey procurement and build-operate-transfer (BOT).

With a DBOM contract, the contractor is responsible for design and construction as well as long-term operation and maintenance services. The building owner secures the project’s financing and retains the operating revenue risk and any surplus operating revenue.

Most simply, DBOM combines responsibilities for four functions that are typically separated. This helps with project flow, and provides the clarity that comes from partnering with a single trusted provider. It also results in the upfront creation of a long-term maintenance plan, as well as estimates of associated costs. Through this process, our team gains a deep insight into a project and allows us to create a tailored plan that anticipates and addresses needs as they occur.

LifeCycle Costing
Oftentimes, owners of infrastructure find they spend more money on system maintenance than they do on expansion. Maintenance issues can be sudden and costly, which can be tough to plan around with funding that varies from year to year. This often results in budgets that have been exceeded and maintenance needs that don’t receive the attention they deserve. Lifecycle costing is the vital process of developing a ration, cost-effective, preventive approach to such issues.

We work hard to help our clients follow the smartest path in construction projects. While the benefits of a DBOM model are many, it is important that clients partner with a firm they trust to perform design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. Our DBOM projects have proven to be successful time and again.