CORETECH Stormwater Treatment Systems

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There are many stormwater treatment systems on the market today, but you need the right one for your unique site requirements. For many sites there is no practical way to eliminate oil drips, tire wear, and windblown dust deposition, so systems that use media filter boxes can end up requiring frequent and costly maintenance. When these systems are impacted by oil and sediment, a reduced filtration capacity and treatment performance is also a common result.

UMC’s stormwater treatment system is based on proven and reliable chemistry. The treatment system can remove oil and grease, sediment (even sub-micron size), as well as total and dissolved copper, lead, and zinc.  It can even remove contaminants that have yet to be regulated under the general industrial stormwater permit. Examples include total suspended sediment, fecal coliform, phosphorus, and ammonia, as well as additional toxic metals.*

CORETECH technology is designed to chemically treat and then gravity-settle stormwater contaminants. The final stage is filtration to whatever level is required. Maintenance includes ensuring adequate chemistry, changing filters, and periodically cleaning the settling tank (typically once every three years).

UMC water treatment specialists provide training for on-site staff and perform start-up of the system to ensure optimal treatment performance.

UMC’s CORETECH technology is the perfect blending of form, function, and design all for achieving a single goal—cost-effective compliance.

* Currently regulated only when discharging to an impaired waterway.


Enhanced Media Stormwater Filtration System

Remarkably effective stormwater treatment is within your reach. Stop the impact to the environment and your bottom line by installing the CORETECH Enhanced Media Stormwater Filtration System.

Radical Common Sense!

  • Low-cost solution for effective stormwater treatment
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Completely organic enhanced filtration media

Scalable System Configuration
The CORETECH Enhanced Media Stormwater Filtration System is designed to grow or shrink with the size of your site and the water flow rate. A treatability study is all you need to begin designing an economical system that will keep you within compliance.

No Chemicals Needed
The CORETECH proprietary absorptive media is specifically designed to latch on to contaminants and metals, and remove them from your stormwater runoff. Our enhanced filtration media is completely organic and has tested to be one of the most effective on the market. Half the cost of competing brands, you can only find this level of filtration media through CORETECH.

Schedule a site visit today and see how easy compliance can be with the CORETECH Enhanced Media Filtration System