Even the earliest stages in design and development have a significant influence on a project’s final outcome. That’s why we focus on partnering with you in the pre-construction phase. During this formative period, we will help provide perspective about the project, while also defining a clear trajectory for the course of the engagement. This is a phase where our commitment to reliable and accurate information as well as thoughtful guidance and advice prove to be most useful.

Some of our key pre-construction offerings include:

  • Meeting Support – We partner with you to assure that project vision and scope are in constant alignment.
  • Engineering and System Review – We stay abreast of changing design standards, expectations, and enhancements.
  • Estimating and Value Management – Continuous, detailed open-book budget support helps finances stay on track.
  • Early Procurement of Subcontractors –  A detailed RFP process ensures your project will secure best value.
  • Procurement of Equipment – Thorough review of equipment schedules and specifications guarantees a timely fabrication plan.

We also offer the following pre-construction services:

  • Ongoing budget management
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Virtual Construction Services (VCS)
  • Building Information Management (BIM) coordination
  • Constructability review
  • Sustainable construction practices
  • Pull planning and schedule support
  • Implementation of Lean methodologies
  • Site safety planning
  • Site logistics planning
  • Site utilities planning