Most of our largest projects are delivered using a streamlined design/assist method. We have a longstanding track record of excellence with these types of projects.

These projects have been successful for several reasons. First of all, our team is led by experienced pre-construction managers. They are forward thinking and contribute to design concepts and optimization. We also walk through budgeting with our clients to help them understand provided allowances and established deadlines. We encourage regular and scheduled budget and cost presentations to communicate with the design team.

We also partner closely with mechanical engineering consultants, resulting in optimized, high-value design/performance for the lowest possible cost. Our extensive detailing capability also allows us to convey high level layout, routing, constructability and servicing review early in the process. This frees up engineering consultants to focus on programming and conceptual design.

Finally, our integrated coordination process enables pre-construction and construction teams to match planning lead times and manpower to a project’s master schedule. This allows for critical deadlines to be met more easily.