Acorn Engineering: PS1010-F11

Deluxe Portable Handwash Stations

Portable one-bowl hand sinks offer the convenience of hot and cold water for prep work, cleanup, and handwashing where plumbing isn't available. These self-contained, mobile carts are designed to either have removable tanks for a fresh water supply and wastewater storage or hose connections for an external supply of water.

Roll it where you need it

Totally stand alone with 3" swivel casters and handle for smooth transit

Integrated attachments

No water, drain or power needed

Onboard tanks

Plastic tanks for waste water and fresh water

Easy cleaning

Sanitary 304SS construction

Other models available

With water heaters and connections to water supplies and drains for continuous operation

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Prices start at $1,400. Bulk discounts are available.



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