We take our expertise seriously. Our employees are engaged in continuing education, and we are proud to hold a variety of certifications from various licensing agencies.

These certifications and designations include:

MSCA Star Contractor
MSCA Star is an achievement designation for service excellence awarded an elite group of mechanical service contractors by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA).  MSCA STAR companies have demonstrate unsurpassed support, quality workmanship and safe and reliable service.  MSCA STAR qualified contractors represent the Best in HVACR service for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial customers.

MSCA GreenSTAR contractors have undergone a thorough third-party review as meeting or exceeding criteria which uniquely qualify them as Energy Solutions Providers of Choice.  This reflects the experience and expertise of the UMC team and allows us to make recommendations to clients that allow them to save on energy expenditures.

UA STAR Certified Service Technicians
UA STAR technicians must pass a rigorous exam that ensures technicians have the training and knowledge necessary to complete the complex tasks associated with servicing, repairing, maintaining or retrofitting a wide variety of mechanical systems. To become UA STAR certified, technicians complete a 5-year apprentice training program and have on-the-job work experience. Nearly all of our technicians are UA STAR Certified Technicians.

KILTECH Factory Certified
We are currently the only factory certified KILTECH service provider in Western Washington.  KILTECH provides self-learning and calibrating, real time, automated central plant optimization called CPECS (Central Plant Energy Control System).  CPECS utilizes continual data feedback loops and advanced control algorithms to process chiller plant data in real time to analyze the load profiles of client buildings, climate data and equipment performance models to implement a precise load based matching approach that provides the maximum level of system performance while respecting chiller, tower and building flow and temperature limits.

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors
We are a factory certified Danfoss Turbocor Installer and Service Provider.  Turbocor’s oil-free compressor redefines energy efficiency and lifetime operating costs for mid-range HVAC chiller and rooftop applications at times saving 40 to 60% over conventional compressor energy usage.  This allows it to perform beyond the boundaries of conventional oil-lubricated compressors, enhanced by the use of oil-free, magnetic bearing technology.