Sydney Armitage leads UMC’s involvement in the Carbon Leadership Forum and the MEP 2040 Challenge

jessica bobinac

Communications Manager

08 September 2022

UMC proudly supports the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) as a signatory member of the MEP 2040 Challenge with Sydney Armitage, UMC’s MEP 2040 Challenge champion and featured CLF member, leading the charge. Sydney has taken on the focus on sustainability within UMC to create and drive sustainability initiatives forward. This focus will facilitate UMC’s efforts to take a deeper look at what we can control within our scopes of work on and off the jobsites, as well as seeking opportunities to have a measurable impact on the environment and community.

The MEP 2040 Challenge was created to develop a data-driven commitment to achieve lifecycle decarbonization for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design and manufacturing firms. The challenge acknowledges the role building systems engineers play and recognizes the urgency in reducing both the operational and embodied carbon of MEP systems, which include mechanical equipment, equipment sourcing, and refrigerants. The program is made up of four action areas: education, reporting, carbon reduction strategies, and advocacy.

"Sustainability within MEP is still new and, frankly, behind in the overall green-construction movement," said Sydney. “We are excited to be at the forefront and help pave the way for our industry. Joining MEP 2040 and being involved in the CLF represents UMC’s alignment with our team members, clients, and partners to focus on ways that, together, we can reduce operational carbon emissions, reach net zero on projects, and improve the embodied carbon of the systems that go into the building.”

Sydney is an active member of MEP 2040 Challenge Refrigerant subgroup working group focusing on helping finalize a Refrigerant GWP Calculator and implementing a refrigerant tracking program within UMC’s Facility Service group to record refrigerant emissions produced at all of our service client projects.

In UMC’s 102-year history, energy efficiency has always been at the core of our business. In recent times, sustainable efforts in design, construction, processes, and internal development have taken environmental consciousness to new heights.

About the Carbon Leadership Forum

The Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) was founded to accelerate the transformation of the building sector to radically reduce the embodied carbon in building materials and construction through collective action. Members pioneer research, create resources, foster cross-collaboration, and incubate member-led initiatives to bring embodied carbon emissions of buildings down to zero. CLF is comprised of architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, building owners, and policymakers who care about the future and are taking bold steps to decarbonize the built environment, with a keen focus on eliminating embodied carbon from buildings and infrastructure. CLF envisions a transformed, decarbonized building industry – better buildings for a better planet.

About MEP 2040 Challenge

In January of 2021, a group of CLF members who are systems engineers and designers focused on Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems gathered to discuss how to galvanize MEP design firms and systems manufacturers to radically reduce embodied carbon in their projects and products. The group was inspired by the SE 2050 challenge from CLF calling for “all structural engineers to understand, reduce and ultimately eliminate embodied carbon in their projects by 2050.” Beginning in May 2021, the MEP 2040 team met with CLF staff as an ongoing working group to develop a data-driven commitment for MEP engineering firms to work towards total life cycle decarbonization including embodied along with operational carbon. Recognizing the increased urgency of action, this team set 2040 as their target!

The MEP Commitment is now an independent initiative, led by the MEP 2040 Steering Committee, with the mission of dramatically reducing the embodied carbon emissions associated with MEP systems.

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