The DJC Seattle covers the Newhouse Building going up in 'smoke' prior to demolition

jessica bobinac

Communications Manager

28 March 2023

We are proud to be on the project team alongside Hoffman Construction and VECA for the replacement of the Newhouse Building.

The Newhouse Building was built as a temporary structure in 1934 and is beyond its useful life. UMC has joined the project team as the mechanical contractor responsible for preconstruction consulting services as well as construction services. Our scope-of-work includes assisting the design team in providing cost effective solutions for a high-performance building that has a target to meet net-zero energy standards with an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of no greater than 35. UMC is also responsible for providing Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to coordinate the complex mechanical and electrical systems with the structure and other building systems.

CLICK HERE to read about Newhouse Building going up in ‘smoke' prior to demolition on the DJC Seattle.

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