Project Overview

On a recent project for a confidential high-tech client, UMC’s reality capture team incorporated the latest in laser scanning technology to reproduce intricate surface details of their space.

Services Performed
  • Redmond, WA

One of our high-tech clients knows the benefits of reality capture firsthand and is taking construction to new heights. With their design team located out of state, they were looking to gain insight into converting their current space into office space and needed intricate surface details to effectively complete the design.

Initially, the project seemed fairly straightforward—a simple scan of an existing facility. However, we quickly learned it would entail removing ceiling tiles and locating hard to reach areas. UMC knew laser scanning would provide the client with the fastest and most efficient method for reproducing the exact size and shape – even color – of the facility into a set of detailed 3D scans. From that point forward, the project grew into a plethora of different software integrations and collaboration efforts to provide the client with exactly what they wanted. In the end, the “point cloud” (millions of data points measured by the rotating laser scanner) was transformed into a Building Information Model (BIM) to create accurate design drawings for the office space for the client’s design team.

Over the course of one and a half days, our reality capture scanning team successfully maneuvered hard to reach areas, confined spaces, and multiple floors to capture a total of 269 scans and 3D renderings to ensure the design team had every inch and angle of the space to ensure their design plan worked flawlessly.


Total Scans


Data Sets

1.5 days

Scanning Duration


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