Project Overview

UMC’s Reality Capture team worked closely with Swedish Issaquah to develop recommendations to increase airflow efficiency within the operating rooms.

Services Performed
  • Issaquah, WA

Swedish Medical Center Issaquah is on a mission to improve energy efficiency by reducing minimum airflow requirements within the 16 operating rooms (OR). Swedish looked to UMC’s Reality Capture group to help achieve the most reliable and accessible net volume calculations by capturing high-definition scanning (HDS) data using laser imaging to take millions of point measurements as well as 360-degree pictures to ensure systems are operating efficiently.

It was our highest priority to gather as much data without interfering with Swedish operations. UMC’s Reality Capture team collaborated with departments within UMC to develop a workflow that simultaneously provided Swedish with the necessary data and minimized the impact on the OR floor.

Scanning the OR rooms individually allowed us to develop customized recommendations based on the spaces' unique airflow needs by calculating each room's net volume. The net volume calculation was used to develop a set of recommendations for each operating room (OR) to assist UMC and Swedish to achieve the best possible airflow and in turn, save Swedish over $80,000 of energy costs in just a few months.

In order to achieve these results, UMC’s Reality Capture team worked with Swedish to determine what fixed equipment (lights, booms, cabinets, surgery tables, closets, etc.) needed to be removed from the overall calculations. These measurements were imported into our software before loading the scans captured from the Leica RTC360. Going room by room, UMC formed a set of data points which included the fixed equipment, high-definition scans of each OR room, and their adjacent measurements. This information was presented to stakeholders at Swedish Issaquah’s monthly analytics meeting and the data was ultimately implemented to enhance the efficiency of airflow. Win-win!


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