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Supporting our local communities has been at the core of UMC’s values from the start. That's why we developed a custom line of manufactured products that inspires you, our clients, and community partners to create a positive impact on the move.

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Plug, place, and hydrate!

Portable Bottle Filling Station

Quench your thirst in any environment with your own portable hydration station. Have the convenience of a chilled water supply system for any occasion that also aids in eliminating site waste.

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No water? No problem.

Acorn Sinks

Discover the simplicity of easy-to-use machines. With 18 models to choose from, all stations are ideal for handwashing needs in semi-remote locations. Budget-conscious, water with no required supply connections and a wide variety of accessories to choose from? Win-win-win!

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Portable and plumbed.


Ditch the cramped buckets and opt for a spacious shak instead! Sani-shaks are the perfect solution for those needing temporary restrooms for on-site projects. Complete with a porcelain toilet and a handwashing sink, these shaks are perfect for nearly any construction site location!

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Two at a time!

Dual Sink - Warm Water

Experience the luxury of warm, pressurized wash stations. Whether desired or required, these back-to-back sinks dispense warm water at your disposal and are designed to stand up to the harshest environments.

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Accessibility for all.

ADA Handwashing Units

Long-lasting and accessible to all. Our stand-alone dual ADA Handwashing units are designed to be deployed for a minimum of a week with absolutely no servicing. Built to last!

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