Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Phases 1–4)


Public Sciences Building (Phase 4): The project consists of one, five-story office building serving the bio-statistical, epidemiological, and prevention research activities conducted at the center.  The facility also has 35,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space.  Phase 4A:  6-story office building, part of the FHCRC campus. Four levels of underground parking.  Mechanical system is served from three packaged rooftop units.  Zones utilize fan-powered terminal units.  Cancer Care Alliance:  Multiple HVAC systems using air-cooled chillers and high-efficiency gas boilers.  HVAC systems are provided with high filtration including one system with HEPA filters.  Plumbing systems include ultra pure water distribution, acid waste systems, and non-potable lab water distribution.  Phase 2:  Clinical research building consisting of 196,000 sq. ft. laboratory, 196,000 sq. ft. interstitial, 36,000 sq. ft. admin office and 57,000 sq. ft. parking.  Fully-equipped central plant with hot water boilers and 1,200 tons of cooling.  Phase 1:  State of the art biology research laboratory. It is constructed with interstitial space for flexibility in future lab renovations. The lab includes approximately 70 miles of pipe and 18 miles of duct with high-tech control systems. The heart of the mechanical system is a fully equipped central plant with hot water and steam boilers and 1,800 tons of cooling.  UMC continues to be involved in ongoing tenant improvement projects throughout the campus.