Genesis Data Center


New construction of a data center facility located in Quincy, WA. The first phase of the project facility features four (4) 23,000 sq. ft. data halls, one (1) of which is built out to full functionality, and warm shell construction of an administrative wing. Using a collaborative design approach, UMC and Inventrix Engineering created an energy efficient data center. The HVAC design applied to the data halls takes advantage of the dry climate in Eastern Washington to provide up to 96% of all cooling. Cooling for the data hall is provided by pulling dry outside air across wetted media swamp coolers (Intake Cooling Modules, or ICMs) and into the space.

UMC also installed the following data center components:

  • All louvers and dampers at building exterior
  • Chilled water system to provide ventilation and cooling to large network and electrical rooms located in the administrative wing
  • Mechanical equipment including chillers, air handling units, pumps, dry cooler, computer room air handlers, intake cooling modules, VAVs, and fans
  • Underground and above ground industrial water systems to provide cooling to data hall space