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Washington Clean Buildings Performance Standard

CBS is a first-of-its-kind standard that requires thousands of commercial buildings in Washington to meet an energy performance target, make large capital investments, or be subject to substantial annual penalties. The standard will apply to large non-residential spaces greater than 50,000 SF and will be centered around targeting energy use intensity (EUI) by building type and size, and methods of conditional compliance. This compliance offers a hedge against long-term power expenses: fossil energy costs are more likely to increase at a greater rate than electricity, even accounting for the costs to upgrade a building’s electricity service.

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JACE Niagara 4 Upgrade Program

With the recent move to make all AX JACES obsolete, it is time to start thinking about upgrading to N4. UMC has the expertise and know-how to get you and your facility the best deals on this upgrade as well as lasting service maintenance agreements (SMA).


Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS)

FARS is a life-safety system delivering breathable air to firefighters using a system of pipes and air storage to provide air to the firefighters, like a standpipe delivers water. Firefighters can access the air-filling stations located throughout the building to refill the tanks in 30-90 seconds. We are proud to be a certified installer for Rescue Air Systems, the industry leader in FARS.


Fire/Smoke Damper

By incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies to optimize the accuracy and speed of our inspections, ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance for our clients. Our program adopts a proactive approach to damper management. We emphasize regular preventive maintenance and scheduled inspections to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate.



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