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Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) has been around for more than a decade, but, like any emerging innovation, it’s only now beginning to be widely known – and even required in select fire protection systems. If FARS isn’t already required in your area, it may be soon, so you should have an understanding of FARS and its purpose and uses. As the leading contractor in the Pacific Northwest, UMC can help you understand FARS, and how it applies to your complete fire protection system.


What is FARS?

  • Spring District Block 24
  • Bellevue Training Center
  • 555 108th: in-progress
  • Spring District Block 5: In-progress
  • Spring District Block 6: Opening 2023
  • Spring District Block 13: Opening 2023

Requirements and components

FARS is meant to be adaptable to a variety of building configurations but will include the same basic requirements and components. We see immense opportunity for FARS in high-rise facilities, but the need spans far beyond metropolitan areas, including large underground structures, tunnels, and other horizontal structures where the transportation and supply of air cylinders can be problematic.

Air storage system

Air storage monitoring system

External mobile air connection panels

Air fill panels

Rupture containment fill stations

Piping distributed system


How does FARS work?


Is FARS required?



Ready, set, action

FARS in action

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Why partner with UMC?

We live and work here in the Northwest, just like you. We have a vested interest in creating healthy, sustainable, energy-efficient buildings, and systems that minimize the effects on our environment. A high-performance, low-impact facility also reduces utility and operational costs, making it a great investment for the future.

Certified installer

Rescue Air’s primary certified FARS installer in the Northwest.

Leading Bellevue fire protection and safety

First in Bellevue to install and commission FARS.

Trained labor

Trained and certified installers with FARS expertise including welding procedures and final commissioning procedures.

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