Leading the way

We are University Mechanical Contractors, Inc., and we’re here to change your perspective.

There are many things you expect from your mechanical engineering firm: dependability, expertise, and timeliness are just a few of them. But you’ve probably never imagined your mechanical contracting firm could be a trailblazer.

Since we opened our doors nearly a century ago, we’ve become the industry leader in the design, building, and maintenance of some of the world’s most intricate mechanical systems.

Our extensive portfolio features intricate design solutions for some of the most demanding building environments. We use a process-oriented, lean construction approach, resulting in a quicker, more cost-effective project turnaround. Many of our clients describe us as budget-sensitive, honest, and customer-focused. In fact, we’re proud to call ourselves pioneers.

Maybe you’re not used to thinking of your mechanical contractor as a trailblazer, but at University Mechanical Contractors, we provide advanced systems and value that lasts. That sure sounds groundbreaking to us.