Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

The IRA offers federal incentives for buildings to cut their energy use and adopt renewable energy. The IRA incentives will only be in place for a few years, so start planning your projects now.

Game-changing funding for the built environment

At UMC, we create spaces that make people more confident, comfortable, and productive. We partner with clients to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions for top-notch facilities. Get in touch today if you’d like to know more about the Inflation Reduction Act’s expanded opportunities for your building.

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Tax Credits for Energy-efficient Upgrades

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Promotes Energy Savings

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Faster Asset Depreciation

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Preservation Credits for Historic Properties

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Supports Sustainable Construction

Impact on your building’s health

Hundreds of millions of dollars in grants, federal tax deductions, and tax credits are available now! Take advantage of these to enhance your marketability through energy efficiency, optimize the lifecycle of your building equipment and systems, and more.

Owners + Designers with Tax Liability

Maximize benefits for your commercial projects! Get up to $5/sf tax deduction (179D) for energy-efficient systems, cutting costs by 25%. Credits may cover up to 50% of project costs. Secure 30% investment tax credits (Sec. 48) for technologies like thermal energy storage.

Tax Exempt Owners + Designers

Tax-exempt entities can transfer 179D tax deductions to project designers, and for Sec. 48 projects, the Direct Pay option acts like a financial grant, enabling the transfer of tax credits' cash value to project designers.

Bonus Credits!

Earn bonuses for your projects! Get a +30% bonus for prevailing wage and apprenticeship programs in both Sec. 179D and Sec. 48 projects. Additionally, receive a +10% bonus for Buy America compliance (using domestically sourced materials) and another +10% bonus for Sec. 48 projects located in energy communities near fossil fuel mining.


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