We love a good puzzle

The built environment gets more complex every day. And that’s music to our ears. We relish the opportunity to solve increasingly complicated mechanical design and construction challenges. Through creativity, lean principles, sustainable designs, and a commitment to quality, we know how to fit the pieces together to create a rewarding result.

Preconstruction + Solution Development

Successful projects begin well before the hammer swings. That’s why we partner with you right from the beginning to formulate a plan and define a clear trajectory for the course of the engagement.

  • Design capabilities
  • Budget control

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The world is moving fast. And built environments are rapidly evolving to accommodate the latest advancements. We help you create smarter, long-lasting, future-ready facilities.

  • Mechanical and specialty systems
  • Piping and plumbing
  • Sheet metal
  • Firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS)

Position for the future

Facility Services

You have enough to worry about. We solve the complex challenges that keep you up at night – and keep your buildings operating in top condition.

  • HVAC, plumbing, piping and control systems
  • Building performance and optimization
  • Retro commissioning and Test Adjust Balance (TAB)
  • Facility operations services
  • Efficiency as a Service (EaaS)

Manage with ease

Energy + Environment

Take care of the planet – and your budget. We’re passionate about creating energy- and cost-efficient buildings and systems that minimize the impact on our environment.

  • Energy efficiency & renewables
  • Energy focused infrastructure renewal
  • Modern District Energy
  • Financial choices

Go green


We envision a smarter way to build. With innovation and fresh thinking, we constantly seek out new and better ways to manufacture the facilities of the future.

  • Virtual construction
  • Fabrication
  • Technology + innovation

Build it smarter

Building Automation

We help you manage your operations with world-class building automation solutions. And with our integrated approach, you see greater efficiency and cost savings.

  • Building automation products
  • Smart building system integration technologies
  • Building analytics – fault detection and diagnostics

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