Miles Gordon Earns his Certified Measurement & Verification Professional® (CMVP)!

jessica bobinac

Communications Manager

31 July 2023


UMC is pleased to announce that Miles Gordon (henceforth, “Miles Gordon, CMVP”) has passed all requirements and examinations for the Certified Measurement & Verification Professional® (CMVP) program from the Association of Energy Engineering (AEE). A person with the CMVP designation is an individual who manages or performs internationally recognized methods of quantifying the energy usage impacts of energy management activities. A CMVP can often help a company confidently and cost-effectively implement cost saving activities through clear communication with project partners.

As a Building Performance Specialist, Miles brings an expert level experience, understanding, and perspective to HVAC and Central Plant systems. He has performed over 25 energy audits that result in minimizing the effects on our environment in facilities of all sizes across the Pacific Northwest.

Earning his CMVP is no small feat. It involves meticulously documenting significant work experience, qualified education requirements, completing relevant training, as well as passing rigorous examinations.

Congratulations, Miles!

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