First Mode featured on Fox 13 Seattle

jessica bobinac

Communications Manager

23 February 2024

Originally aired on Fox 13 Seattle.

Company aimed at reducing global emissions opens SODO factory

SEATTLE - First Mode, a company whose mission is to try and reduce global emissions, has opened a new $22 million factory in Seattle's SODO neighborhood.

"The 40,000-square-foot factory will produce components to retrofit up to 150 massive ultra-class mining trucks annually into low-carbon or zero-emission electric vehicles. As each truck is about the size of a three-story building, the impact of First Mode’s retrofit product line is equivalent to removing 90,000 passenger vehicles from the road each year. Starting with mining and rail haulage, First Mode's category-defining hybrid, battery, and hydrogen fuel cell retrofit products provide heavy industry a pathway to eliminate their diesel emissions," First Mode said in a press release.

The company says its goal is to build enough retrofits for large industry machines that would remove the equivalent of 180,000 passenger cars driving daily for a year.

"All of our customers are feeling the need to decarbonize. Whether you believe in climate change or not, electrification is the way to go. It's more efficient and less energy-intensive compared to diesel and fossil fuels, so our customers are really excited about getting started," said First Mode CEO Julian Soles.

Gov. Jay Inslee attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 21, calling their work part of the biggest transition in our country since we transitioned from horses to cars.

"Washington is at the forefront of innovation in clean energy. First Mode’s advanced technology will enable more industries to phase out fossil fuels and cut air pollution, and I’m proud they’re opening a manufacturing facility in Seattle," Inslee said.

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