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Revival of a classic

Project Overview

UMC partnered with Enwave-Seattle to revive an outdated mechanical room into a reliable energy efficient steam source.

Services Performed
  • Seattle, WA

The Roosevelt Hotel has been a Seattle icon for nearly a century – welcoming guests from all over the world. Throughout the years, the mechanical room has seen its share of power and heat sources – wood, coal, and electricity. Fast forward to today and The Roosevelt Hotel is connected to a reliable energy-efficient steam source thanks to Enwave-Seattle and UMC.

The existing electric water heaters were divided into both the high and low-rise sections of the hotel. Each section was served with three water heaters that worked independently of each other. UMC connected the systems together and installed a new domestic hot water booster pump that allowed the high-rise section of the facility to increase efficiency.

Enwave-Seattle kicked off the project by providing an underground steam line connecting to the Roosevelt Hotel. UMC routed the line into the mechanical space and continued the energy upgrades inside the mechanical room. By eliminating the existing electric domestic hot water heaters, the entire mechanical room was redesigned and upgraded.


Efficiency Average


Hotel Rooms

500 gal

Water Storage Tank


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