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UMC is providing a holistic renewal and redesign of the energy infrastructure for the historic Washington State Supreme Court building, Temple of Justice.

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  • Olympia, Washington

As buildings age, their maintenance demands tend to increase, which becomes evident when observing the maturing heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, controls, and plumbing systems within the Temple of Justice. These systems play a pivotal role in upholding occupant comfort, safeguarding state assets, and aligning building energy performance with efficiency standards.

The Temple of Justice holds a significant historical status, both inside and out, necessitating active preservation measures for its crucial features. The building houses valuable artifacts and records that are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to excessively humid or arid conditions and extreme temperatures. To tackle these challenges, alongside the Department of Enterprise Services (DES), UMC’s Energy + Environment group has developed a comprehensive solution, which involves re-designing, upgrading and replacing all aspects of the HVAC system, building plumbing system, as well as the lighting and control systems throughout the entire structure.

In UMC’s ongoing efforts to rejuvenate the historic building, we provide an environment that not only preserves its rich history but also significantly improves tenant comfort. Through the complete redevelopment and redesign of the energy infrastructure, we are modernizing the renewed systems to cater to the needs of its occupants. This includes a conversion from steam to a more efficient hot water system, re-zoning the HVAC system and providing an expanded and flexible cooling system, and revising lighting levels, quality and controls to better meet occupant needs, as well as many other upgrades focused on a commitment to energy efficiency and enhanced tenant comfort. Due to these upgrades, tenants will enjoy a more pleasant and productive workspace, with optimal temperature control and updated amenities. Our project also lays the groundwork for future connectivity to the proposed Next Century Campus, ensuring that tenant comfort remains a top priority while also embracing sustainability for generations to come.


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